Dog team

Transnational Workshop in Rovaniemi

6-7 February 2007 Snow and Technology


Lecture material



Safety with snow and ice constructions by Kai Ryynänen (pdf ~ 2,52 MB)


Sorsele River Hotel by Per-Åke Gustavsson (pdf ~ 7,65 MB)


Mývatn Nature Baths by Stefán Gunnarsson (pdf ~ 14,2 MB)


Tourism and Farming by Ólöf Hallgrímsdóttir (pdf ~ 27,7 MB)


North East Iceland by Jóna Matthíasdóttir (pdf ~ 42,7 MB)


Tourism and Christmas in Rovaniemi by Tuula Rintala-Gardin (pdf ~ 4,93 MB)


Vindel River and Sorsele by Leopold Sjöström (pdf ~14,6 MB)


Experience product developement by Sanna Tarssanen (pdf ~1,23 MB)