Christmas Triangle, Finnish Lapland



Responsible body: The City of Rovaniemi, Finland

This project will focus on snow and ice creations and activities mainly for children but not forgetting their parents. Another focus is the creation of an attractive atmosphere and an effective use of new technologies mainly for marketing purposes. Prolonging the stay of the visitors who come to the Christmas Triangle area is essential to benefit the SMEs in the area (restaurants, shops etc.).


The SMEs play an important role and they will be strongly linked in executing the project in order to increase their turnover and assure the sustainability of the project. There is a serious need for a project like Snow Magic which doesn’t only make the area more attractive for the visitors but also helps to increase the turover of the companies and contributes to create new jobs. The companies want to work closely together with the City of Rovaniemi in realizing the Snow Magic project.

They are also interested in the transnational aspect of the project in terms of best practices as well as common activities and promotion with the partner areas.


Taking better advantage of the international media groups (TV and magazines) that visit the area is important for making the partner areas better known amongst potential new visitors. Effective actions to awake the interest of tour operators are also very important.


The main actions are:

- Creation of a place where children can learn to make their own creations of snow
- Creation of a place where there are ready-made activities for children (slides, snow cinema, etc.)
- To build snow and ice creations inspired by the local environment and myths: big lappish berries made of ice (cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries), arctic animals, elves…
- Building a magic snow and ice forest based on tales and stories typical for Lapland in co-operation with the local and international students
- Marketing actions
- Involving the surrounding villages to present their potential mainly in terms of beautiful nature and the potential they posses in offering actions around snow creations