Snow Magic Mıvatn, Iceland




Responsible body: North East Iceland Development Agency

The project will focus on analysing strengths of Mıvatn region and possibilities of developing attractions and tourism businesses during wintertime, also for international market. This work will be based on what companies from the region are managing and developing already, mainly for the local market. Another focus is a stronger cooperation inside Mıvatn region and with other regions.


The project also aims at involving local people in projects based on Snow Magic Mıvatn ideas, and analysing possibilities regarding culture, tales, tradition and heritage, as a tool to develop better life, both socially and economically. The Mıvatn area is well known as a popular tourist area at summertime, but how is it possible to use the amazing and unique nature as a frame for attractive winter activities for different markets?


The main elements are:

- Analysing (SWOT) the Mıvatn area to identify its potential all year round, both for companies (tourism) and local people
- Collecting stories, tales etc to strengthen awareness, ideas and marketing
- Creation of networking and cooperation between companies and stakeholders
- Creation of places for activities, and organising areas for different targets groups
- Developing and marketing tourist packages based on winter conditions and the unique position of the Mıvatn region and its surroundings.